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Good without god: Supporting our community
January 5, 2012

The goal of the Cal Poly Alliance of Happy Atheists is to raise awareness of the existence of atheists and to do so in part by serving our community both at Cal Poly and in San Luis Obispo. One of the new ways we are trying to do this is through volunteer efforts. As of 2012, AHA! is an official partner with “Volunteers Beyond Belief,” a new organization dedicated to coordinating and publicizing volunteer efforts by secular humanist groups across the country.

The suggestion that being good or doing good deeds requires belief in a god or “higher power” is fundamentally flawed. Every day millions of individuals live good, kind, productive lives without any such belief. The Cal Poly Alliance of Happy Atheists would like to invite anyone interested to help us volunteer in our community and further illustrate that individuals can be good and do good without belief in a god.


For more information you can check back on our website for meeting times and locations, join out facebook page, or look out for our blue AHA! posters.

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