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Meeting Minutes 11/08/2011
November 9, 2011

Hey All,

A couple of announcements after last nights meeting.

First, we have a volunteer opportunity through “Feed My Starving Children,” hosted by Campus Crusade. Now this is a religious organization hosted by a religious group but based on the information we’ve received it is at least better than the vast majority of similar organizations and the concensus for the meeting was action is better than inaction and children are indeed being fed. We need to sign up for a time to do this as a group, but unfortunately Bryan or myself will not be able to make it, so we also need a volunteer to lead the group who can attend. This will mostly entail signing in. Please email us if you can do this.

The available times are Friday 8-9:30pm, Saturday 3-4:30pm and 5-6:30pm. Please fill out this form to indicate when you can attend and we will sign up for the majority time on Thursday night at 11pm.

In other news, we’re still looking for shirt ideas, so bring them on if you have them. Some of what we discussed at the meeting is having a very subtle shirt that you would feel comfortable wearing out in public besides the club. There is a fascination with Interrobang which I can’t seem to pin down but may very well end up on or the focus of our shirt unless we stage an intervention of sorts.

Next Tuesday, 11/15, we will not be having a regular meeting because there is an event going on at the same time that we highly recommend you all attend. World Renowned Anthropologist Dr. Richard Klein is coming to present “Out of Africa & The Evolution of Human Behavior: Does human behavior have a cultural or genetic heritage” from 6:30 to 8pm in Spanos Theater. More information about the event is available here:

We’ve talked on several occasions about getting involved in the Cal Poly Cat Program and we’ve learned we would need to commit the a time every week to have several people there, probably in shifts of some sort. The available times look like Sunday morning / early afternoon. If anyone thinks they would be willing to make a commitment like this we can look at getting involved.The shelter is having a movie night to introduce you to the environment so anyone who wants to attend the movie is November 18th at 5:00pm at the cat shelter. For details see the event:

Finally, the posters are online! Feel free to print and share them, although soon we’ll need to update them for next quarters meeting time. On that topic, if you have a moment please fill out this form on when you would like to have our meetings next quarter and we’ll do our best to make it work.

I think that’s everything. I hope you all enjoy your long weekend and stay sane in these last few weeks of the quarter.

Jake Tobin
President, AHA!

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