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Meeting Minutes – 10/18/2011
October 19, 2011

Important news and upcoming notifications from Tuesday’s meeting.

  • A few new faces which was great to see! We experimented with sitting in a circle during the meeting to help remove the classroom feel. It was quite interesting but seemed to work very well. The majority of the meeting was just discussion on experiences with religious folks and  how to best deal with them. Conveniently enough our next event deals with this directly!
  • Speaking of our next event: Monday, October 24th at 5:30pm Bobbie Kirkhart, President of Atheists United, is coming to Cal Poly to present the talk “You Can’t Reason with Them: The Chinese Finger-Torture of Talking Religion with True Believers”. The presentation will likely be about an hour followed by Q&A. The talk will be at 5:30pm in 53-215 (Science North) and will be taped in case you can’t make it. More info available on Google Calendar.
  • We’re still looking for poster campaign ideas. Email if you have any or would like to help design some!
  • We’re also still looking for T-Shirt ideas! We have a few good ones and we’ll vote soon for what we want.
  • Dues! Thanks to everyone who has already paid dues and we would really appreciate if everyone could pitch in. Dues are $20 and include a T-Shirt as well as all of the great activities we’re planning this year.
  • If you would be willing to help put up posters it would be a great help to the club. A poster page will be published soon, the idea being if every member could print out a few and post them in the halls or in their classes it would spread the word very efficiently.
  • There are a number of volunteer opportunities we are investigating at this point. If you have a cause you want to support let us know, but here’s what we’re looking at:
    • Poly  Paws – Cleaning up with the stray cat care taking program
    • Homeless Shelter
    • Blood Drives
    • 40 days for life counter-protest / Planned Parenthood volunteering
As always, if you have an idea for the club, want to get involved, or have a question simply email or contact  Jake or Bryan directly. Also remember that any non-theist or non-theist friendly person is always welcome at our meetings an events.

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