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Meeting Minutes – 10/11/2011
October 13, 2011

Important news and upcoming notifications from Tuesday’s meeting.

  • Tonight we discussed the Lee Strobel pamphlet that was given to the AU-SLO booth earlier this year. The discussion we good but a little unstructured and bland due to the subject and our organizing of it. Future discussions will be a little more directed to start with and we should have more casual meeting time as well. If you all have any additional feedback on meeting structure, let us know!
  • We’re still looking for poster campaign ideas. Email if you have any or would like to help design some!
  • We’re also still looking for T-Shirt ideas! We have a few good ones and we’ll vote soon for what we want.
  • Dues! Thanks to everyone who has already paid dues and we would really appreciate if everyone could pitch in. Dues are $20 and include a T-Shirt as well as all of the great activities we’re planning this year.
  • If you would be willing to help put up posters it would be a great help to the club. A poster page will be published soon, the idea being if every member could print out a few and post them in the halls or in their classes it would spread the word very efficiently.
  • There are a number of volunteer opportunities we are investigating at this point. If you have a cause you want to support let us know, but here’s what we’re looking at:
    • Poly  Paws – Cleaning up with the stray cat care taking program
    • Homeless Shelter
    • Blood Drives
    • 40 days for life counter-protest / Planned Parenthood volunteering
As always, if you have an idea for the club, want to get involved, or have a question simply email or contact  Jake or Bryan directly. Also remember that any non-theist or non-theist friendly person is always welcome at our meetings an events.

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