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Meeting Minutes – 10/4/2011
October 5, 2011

Important news and upcoming notifications from today’s meeting.

  • Recap – We had a great first volunteer event, a cleanup hike to the P. See pictures and read a little about it in the news section on the website.
  • We’re still looking for poster campaign ideas. Email if you have any or would like to help design some!
  • We’re also still looking for T-Shirt ideas! We have a few good ones and we’ll vote soon for what we want.
  • Our next meeting will likely be in Science North. Stay tuned for confirmation but keep that in mind.
  • Meeting format from now on will be a loose topic discussion followed by general chit chat or more in depth discussion. On that note, keep in mind current events, topics you find interesting, or philosophical questions you might have as this is a great time to bring them up!
  • 40 days for life is a pro-life christian organization that protests abortion for 40 days and night outside various clinics. One such protest is going on right now in Santa Maria. We are still working out logistics but we may be planning a counter-protest by simply being there, providing escort service, etc. More details coming out about this soon, but in the mean time find more information about them here:
As always, if you have an idea for the club, want to get involved, or have a question simply email or contact  Jake or Bryan directly. Also remember that any non-theist or non-theist friendly person is always welcome at our meetings an events.

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