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Ann Coulter Notes
February 29, 2012


Ann Coulter presentation

Liberal mobs started demonic occupation of Wall Street after her book came out

Their infernal use of slogans. They mean nothing. It is kind of like an Obama Speech.

Bush lied kids died.

They mean nothing, kind of like a Obama speech.

No blood for oil. What? That’s insane.There is no better reason to go for war.

We need oil. Its like no blood for oxygen. We need oil.


War is not the answer.

Of course it depends on what the question was.


What does any of bummer stickers mean?

What does it mean “You can’t hug a child with nuclear arms.”

Discussion on that.


You can’t destroy a small soviet city with a child.


It was slogans that got Obama elected.

We are the ones we are waiting for.

Third choice slogan I’m going to raise the debt by $5 trillion and not create a single job

He has created a financial miracle

Redistribution of income

First he passed a $1trillion stimulus billion, mostly just stimulated the government


He says he created or saved the jobs,

What happened to the last trillion?

Democrats are crack whores that spent all the money.

We need to ask them what happened to the last trillion.

That went to public teachers pensions” It’s wasted.


Obamacare will never work. People will be forget.

Yea sure that is going to be a big money saver”

52-60% are against.

About 60% are in favor of its repeal.

We all hate obama care”

It was supposed to be a solution

Which service providers, have the strongest lobbyist.


Similarly, you get health insurance in case you get a disease.

Have you ever heard of a family dying because they couldn’t afford contraception


I predict that if obama gets reelected

the woman in charge of health and human services..

She will start requiring that the insurance companies will start manufacturing stats that the cost should go up if you have a gun in the home.


Health insurance should work like car insurance, you should be able to pick or choose what you want


Health insurance is going to be like the DMV, the lines are going to be as long and maybe worse.


Obama told the truth because the ppl that were making $250,000 are out of a job.

    1. % unemployment when he came in
    2. 8.1% taken it up to 10% through the passed three years and now to 8.6.

It is like a doctor that takes ur fever higher and then 3 years takes it down

Under Obamacare you will not be able to see a doctor for 3 years


It was through waterboarding that we found bin laden.

It is torture that worked.

My point is, we found him in 10 years, had we used torture maybe it would have been faster.



Between the arab spring putting crazier ppl in charge, things are out of control


Obama is going to be very hard to beat this year.

NFM (Non fox media), he makes it sound like he personally killed Bin Laden.

Voters are happy to have the first black president

When will it be okay to say we elected a man based on the color of his skin”

It is difficult to take out a incumbent


Regan didn’t do it thru calling him a socialist

He’s appointing a bunch of lefties

The only people calling for hope and change are us


You probably hear this all the time, but this is the most important election of our lives because if we do not repeal obama care, it will never repeal it

There was not one republican that voted for it.

You collect 10 years of taxes and only give out “treats” at the end


The CBO can be manipulated with the question. If you put in a bunch of assumptions then you can give it to them and they will give you the answer you want.

***End presentation***


I will take questions


***Notes are incomplete as I was listening to questions**


I’ve written columns where I show that Mitt is much more conservative than the other guys.

All democrats are dying to give hispanics immunity.


No, I dont think Rick Santorum understands the difference between states and federal.

What was Santorum talking about banning contraception.

The state is not banned from doing that.


Mitt dealt with 85% liberal senate in MASS.





Mitt Rommey, how can you say he is the most conservative when Ron Paul is the most conservative?


I’m very soft on Ron Paul. He’s made a pact with Santorium.


Your obviously not following me on twitter, I would want Mitt to put him in charge of domestic policy.

He doens;ty understad other things

We need an arab isareal.


The Republican message is we send out troops when we need to rein in on some.

Ron Paul never sends out troops…Well we can’t do that.


Paul speak the truth and I like that

Blacks die more in war, that is not true

Blacks are imprisoned longer


He is not the truth teller I was hoping for.

He is my second choice. That is how bad I think the other candidates

Where is the government on SB28 where Homosexuality is promoted in textbooks.


Education is not up to the federal government.

Its not up to the federal government.

It is up to the states.

Governments should not be involved in education. Send it back to the states.


Santorum wants to create a bigger federal programs

I do not want that, we need smaller government.


Do you support The Fed?

I guess this is the Ron Paul section, I do not know.

If we put Ron Pual in charge of domestic policy


Christy? How does the words change

He vetoed it because he said put it to a vote

Young people are always stupid”

The linchpin of civil society is mother and father

(PPL booing) This is the problem with single motherhood, you raise little brats”

You get further amounts criminality and homosexuality

We should do everything possible to protect marriage. Marriage should only be between man and woman

Referred to Charles Murray several times.

There is nothing that can be done.

More than 50% of children being born to Women under 30 are illegitimate?


How can you name call the blacks in this country these rude names?

You cannot criticize him because any criticism is called racist.

You cannot say anything racist.

I respect blacks, but do not treat them like little darlings, treat them like grown up.

I respect them, unlike you.


Who do you think Rommey’s Best VP is?

I wish I could choose…I told him you better be as much of a right wing as i’m saying, but I would pick christy. It might be Rommey.


The democrats do not really have anyone after Obama to put forward as a candidate


This is question and answer period, I’m the one giving the speech. Maybe one day you can give a speech like I can. (To a questioner.)


How can Obama be compared to Flav Flav?

That is what is known as a joke…duh


Wasn’t it misleading to say Santorum voted against e-verify when he was really voting against amnesty?

No..he did some stuff on Immigration, but nothing else


Romney has supported a bunch of liberal ideas, how can u say he’s conservative

Every budget he put forward had cuts in it. He did it by cutting spending and increasing fees. And very specific things. Fishing fees, bar exam fees, etc. He had to do it.


Billion dollar deficient was left by the governor after Romney.



How would you fix the governments monopoly on education?

State by state it would be voucher systems.




We need to take the senate. (Republican)

If Ferini (sp?) cant beat Boxer then I feel sorry for you people.

Thank you.

No more questions


If you had spent less time trying to give a speech and actually asked questions we could have gotten to everyone.

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