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The Alliance of Happy Atheists is Good without god. Our volunteer efforts are aimed at promoting the well being of our campus, public spaces and the citizens of our community, goals that are not limited to people who hold naturalistic worldviews. We work with other student groups and community organizations to improve the world around us while humanizing the image of the nonreligious and religious alike. These efforts have often been conducted under the banner of “interfaith”, but we prefer to think of ourselves as conducting “InterAction” volunteering. Our opportunities are meant to be accessible for all people, regardless of faith(or lack thereof) and are centered on Action in the community, not belief.

While you may not beĀ  interested in helping us clean up a highway or beach, perhaps you’ll enjoy a Bishop’s Peak cleanup hike or an afternoon spent feeding the homeless or helping out animals at local shelters. A short list of volunteer events we’re planning for the 2011-2012 school year includes:

  • Highway cleanup
  • Beach cleanups
  • Cerro Bishop, Cabrillo or San Luis Hike and Cleanup
  • Homeless Shelter Work
  • Animal Shelter Work
  • Campus Cleanups
  • Food Drive
  • Blood Drive
  • Donation Drive

If you would like to participate in our community service work, feel free to show up at any of our planned events. You can find out when we’ll be doing what by visiting our calendar page.

If you’d like to get your group involved in our InterAction community service projects or just want to give us a heads up that you’ll be joining us, please contact us.

If you are interested in giving but cannot volunteer for any reason, we strongly recommend and support the Non-Believers Giving Aid initiative. Click the logo at right for more details.