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The Cal Poly Alliance of Happy Atheists participates in many events in order to reach out to our classmates and members of the community. While many of these events have been done in the past under the banner of “interfaith cooperation”, our current outreach efforts are conducted with the idea of Transfaith in mind. The idea of transfaith encourages the equitable participation of all individuals, offers a greater respect for individuals and focuses dialogue on commonalities, rather than differences. It is our hope that through outreach events, we’ll be able to better understand our classmates and neighbors. An incomplete list of our transfaith outreach events includes:

  • Barbeques in Poly Canyon Village and Santa Rosa Park
  • Game Nights
  • Discussions
  • Residence Hall Events
  • Orientation and Ask a Happy Atheist Booths
  • Participation in Community Events and organizations

We also welcome individuals of all religious backgrounds to join us at any of our meetings, they’re transfaith too. If you have a suggestion for an outreach or transfaith event that you’d like to see, contact us. If you’re interested in attending one of these events, please check out our calendar page or sign up for our mailing list.