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This page is intended to provide access to community resources and information pertinent to individuals with skeptical or naturalistic outlooks.

If you are looking for more information regarding atheism, please look at our Atheism FAQ, our articles section, or inquire about checking out a book from our Humanist Library. A list of resources from our Library can be found at that page.


Theory of Evolution FAQ

Index of(and responses to) Common Creationist Claims

Big Bang

A Short intro to the Evidence in favor of the Big Bang Theory

Cosmology/Big Bang FAQ


Apologetics and Counter-apologetics


General Skepticism



If you’re looking for a group of like-minded individuals, we recommend visiting the following sites.

For groups in your area:

Secular Student Alliance Affiliates (National High School and College affiliates)

For those in the Armed Forces

Atheists-United (Southern California and San Luis Obispo)

Center for Inquiry (National with Campus affiliates)

American Humanist Association (National with local affiliates)


Online Communities and Blogs that we recommend